Technological developments

A lot is happening in the world. The world around us has become smaller and more unpredictable. Sometimes we are positively surprised and sometimes we become fearful of the negative messages and threats. New technological developments in which the mix between machine and man continues to evolve, will have significant consequences, think of the 3D printed prosthetics for people who are missing a limb. These developments will not only be used in the medical field but also for interiors 3D printing will become increasingly common.


Another development is the ongoing concern for our environment. Recycling and sustainable production are values that are indispensable in 2017. These values ​​are no longer a trend but a more permanent value for our products and interiors. Because external influences are not easy to predict and, substantial or emotional threat is growing, we retreat into our own created safe world.

Own area

We live, eat, sleep and do more and more work from this safe environment. Here we invite our friends and family. Because this area has become more important it also becomes more richly. We use real full color (often based on nature) and use real materials (stone, bronze and wood). We can draw us back into an almost serene environment where everything is balanced, soft slowly, silently and original.


We can also choose to go back to the classics; style icons from the 30s of the last century combined with costume made furniture, clean and in proportion. Or we make it more extreme, full of creativity, bright colors and with influences from other nations and cultures.

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